Shelby and Brandon’s Surprise Engagement Party

On April 23rd, Shelby, Brandon and Patrick the Pug came to our house for a “double date.” However, to their surprise, 40 or more of their closest friends and family members were waiting at the for them at the neighborhood clubhouse! David and I led Shelby and Brandon to  believe that we were headed out for Italian that night, until we pulled up the clubhouse and they became aware of what was happening! Shelby’s face was priceless and I’m pretty sure she and Brandon said, “What?!” more than twenty times.

The idea for this party happened 6 months earlier and the planning process started in January. I have a new found respect for party planners, by the way! This was much fun to plan and there was a lot of work that went into it and it’s something that I could not have done by myself. 

Both Shelby and Brandon’s parents were so generous in letting me throw this party and ultimately, making it possible! HUGE thank you to them. 

My mom is the DIY queen and really helped me pull together the details. I had decided that center pieces would be a nice addition, so the gold glitter mason jars and floral arrangements were all done by her. It was one of my favorite parts! 

David worked on the playlist for the party and it really was the best playlist for an engagement party! A mix of slow and upbeat love songs. 

The Bridesmaids helped make this party possible as well! Thank you girls! 

And to the guests, THANK YOU for coming! We had people traveling to this party from Alabama, Kentucky, Athens, and Florida. No pressure, right 😛 And to my friends and my dad who helped set up and clean up, you guys are the best! 

Dawn Bakes Cakes designed all of the goodies! We went for a Game Board theme because Shelby and Brandon enjoy different games together like monopoly, scrabble and so on. and I have to say, the pug in the back seat of the LIFE car was probably my favorite part of that table! It is such an accurate representation of how Shelby and Brandon travel around 🙂 

Madison of Mad & Dusty designed the beautiful calligraphy on Shelby and Brandon’s Party Frame. 

My niece helped run our photo booth at the party and by the way, she is NINE and was instructing people on what to do and how to do it. She’s awesome! 

Marie’s Italian Deli catered and even helped me throw up the string lights and sprinkle the confetti on the table before Shelby and Brandon arrived (They are amazing). David and I had just enough time to run back to the house, change, and the doorbell rang. It was such a crazy and FUN day! 

I am SO beyond grateful for Leslie Walker of Leslie and Dusty Photography, who captured all of these sweet moments, including Shelby and Brandon’s face when we surprised them! I didn’t pick up a camera once that day so, it really meant a lot to have her there documenting such a special day.

Shelby and Brandon, I know I speak for everyone when I say that we cannot wait for your special day and the engagement party was just something extra, because you two are extra special and mean SO much to all of us. We love you!  

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