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When I was younger, I liked everything my big sister, Emily, liked. Moons, stars, butterflies, clothes, music, her friends….you name it. My sister enjoyed following astrology and had many books about it in the house. I became intrigued and read in to it as well. Over the years, I have gone to the Roswell Psychic fair and received a couple of readings, just for fun. I didn’t completely understand the psychic world and how it worked. Until, I took Ciara to the same fair.  
We walked in together and an aura reader pointed to me and told me I was a creative and that I am in my head a lot. She then pointed to Ciara and told her she was an empath. Being an empath is a word that Ciara has heard within her family before. Empaths feel everything. Intuition is the filter through which they experience the world. After that day, Ciara started a transformation. 

Ciara Rubin is a lady boss, entrepreneur, intuitive vibration expert, an energy healer and one of my best friends 😛 Her work revolves around the belief that your light is needed in this world. She helps many people find their truth and fulfill or even find their life purpose. Ciara’s own light has been seen and appreciated by many people that she has cross paths with. I have had several readings with her and I can’t say enough good things about it. Ciara has a gift of reading the energy in a room and I love listening to her talk about it. It’s fascinating. I remember inviting her over to meet my friends for the first time. She gave the girls a short reading and it was such an amazing experience listening to her talk about people that I have known for 10 plus years knowing that everything she was saying about them was true. One friend was brought to tears.

We were mindful during our photo shoot that she expressed her energy clearly. This was a fun and different approach for me! We even had some Justin Timberlake in the background dancing away to some music. So fun! 

Thank you for sharing your light with me, Ciara! I will miss you when you move to California but can’t wait to come and visit one day! 

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