Couples Shower: Melissa + Tyler

Melissa and Tyler were prepared to attend their couples shower on April 30th, but they had no idea just how beautiful and special it would really be! With the help of the bride’s mom, the Matron and Maid of Honor as well as their moms, Melissa’s bridesmaids and Bistro VG in Roswell, the shower and its beautiful details were ultimately a surprise for the happy couple. The floral decor, the signs, the table settings were the perfect mix of classy and romantic.

Melissa and Tyler were greeted at the door with mimosas from Melissa’s Matron and Maid of Honor, not to mention lots of hugs and smiles from their closest friends, including me 😛
They spent a few minutes walking around and admiring the details that their loved ones had spent so much time creating. The tables were scattered with large clothes pins of their engagement pictures with quotes from Melissa and Tyler on the back. They were asked questions about where they’d like to travel together, how many kids they’d like to when they knew they were perfect for each other….all of the things/stories that make up a great start to a happy marriage. The shoe game is what had us laughing the most though! Again, they were asked a series of questions, but this time they were put on the spot. They had to sit back to back so they couldn’t see one another and they were asked questions such as, who is more romantic, who wants a puppy and so on. Sometimes their answers would differ, but that’s what makes the game so great! One of my favorite pictures in this blog is Tyler thinking really hard about one of his answers while Melissa glances back at him expectantly….waiting on his answer. 

I’d say the shower was a huge success and I am still in awe over these details! It was a joy to shoot for them. Melissa and Tyler, we are all so excited for September 17th!! Congratulations to you both! We love you! 

Venue: Bistro VG
Calligraphy of Framed Chalkboard and MIrror on Mantle: Madison of Mad & Dusty

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