Abby Byrd: A New Name, A New Site, A New Adventure

It’s HERE! A new website, a new logo, a new brand! Cue the Confetti!

Abby Byrd is live! I decided that I needed a complete overhaul earlier this year. But, once I decided, I moved quickly and a lot of time has been put into this process.  I trusted Davey & Krista to design my new logo. When I started to see how my brand was taking shape, I dove into making my website. Over the years, my couples have been so wonderful and took the time to leave a review. One of the best parts about that whole process is that every couple’s experience was the same which meant that my business began to develop a brand and a consistent experience. The words that repeatedly showed up to describe their time with me were professional, friendly, genuine, personable and kind. I’ve learned that a brand is so much more than font colors and fonts. It’s the way you make someone feel. One of my favorites quotes lives on the home page on my new site.”I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”- Maya Angelou

Since starting my photography career in 2013, I have had three websites and three logos. As I share my new journey as Abby Byrd Photography, I thought it would be fun to take a look back.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without these stepping stones. Building a business takes time and growing/evolving is a good thing. Switching my business name has had a lot of moving parts….more then I anticipated! I have been sitting on this decision since before I was ever married because I knew it would be a decision I would have to make one day. David and I got married a year and a half ago. He often asked me if I’d make the switch and I just wasn’t sure. He supported it one way or the other but advised that I make a decision and stick with it. I struggled and it has been hard to end this chapter. This previous brand served me well! Now that I have made a decision and thought ahead to the future… I am so happy with this direction.  Making Byrd my new business name is so much more than my new name.

Throughout my childhood, my mom stayed at home with me and always had a camera in hand to document the big moments and even the small moments. I believe that she influenced my passion for photography.

My mom, my older sister and I have always shared an interest in astrology. While receiving a reading at a psychic fair, the reader told me that she could see a close relationship with my mom and how much support she has given me. Surrounding that bond, she told me she could see many hummingbirds floating around us. I will always remember that she told me that because hummingbirds frequently visit my mom’s Georgia front porch where she loves to watch them gracefully hover around the feeder as she drinks her coffee. Hummingbirds are seen as healers and bringers of love and joy. They are a reminder to enjoy life’s simple pleasures and celebrate the joy of every day. Their beauty and delicacy remind us that we must be more present to recognize all that life has to offer…perhaps on southern front porches with a coffee in hand. It is my hope that my photography helps my couples and their families hover in the love and joy of life’s simple moments.

When Davey and Krista starting designing my logo, we first started with a mood board with we called “Spring Time in Paris” I was thrilled with this peek into what was to come.  From there, we did several passes looking at layout, font, and colors.  Before we even started on the fun stuff, I did some work up front by filling out their questionnaire which helped us know what kind of feel the brand was going to have for my couples.
This new website will help me serve my clients in a whole new way. So, to see this project through to the end makes me beyond excited for them and the experience they will receive!

Thank you ALL for your support in the past, now and in the future!

Thank you so much to Davey and Krista for designing my new logo, to Allison Pedigo for helping celebrate through these photos and gifs, to my best friend Shelby for listening and offering advice to my “Breaux/Byrd” debate for over a year, my hubby David for keeping things running smoothly on the back end and always making my life easier and my parents who have supported me the entire way. Would not be here without you guys!!



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