Alli + Andrew: Piedmont Park Engagement


Alli and Andrew’s engagement session makes me feel like we were in Central Park in New York City rather than Piedmont Park in Atlanta. Their attire and the backdrop just had all the classy city vibes that still has me swooning! Alli lives near Piedmont Park so I love that we did their session in a place where they spend everyday type moments together such as walking, talking, laughing and simply enjoying each other’s company on the weekend or a long day at work.

These two have some background in dance so when I would put my camera down to change a lens I would look up to catch them twirling, playing, spinning….I loved it! I would quickly put my camera up to catch those candid moments, which I know are important to the two of them.  Because of that, photographing them was so effortless. They played and had so much fun together!

And how gorgeous is Alli’s engagement ring with that pop of color?!

Alli described their June 2018 Wimbish House wedding as elegant, warm and classic which is just so perfect because it’s exactly what I see what I look at the two of them. Also, they chose the Wimbish house for it’s great dance floor so I have no doubt that I’ll be seeing some more classic moves from these two. I can hardly wait!

Enjoy these moments of engagement, Alli and Andrew! Can’t wait for your big day!


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