Lizzy + Dardan

Lizzy and Dardan are the kind of couple that you know will have a long happy life together. There is so much love and respect between the two of them and it was obvious to me not only the entire session, but withitin minutes of meeting them. Lizzy and Dardan connected online and met up at Starbucks to see each other face to face. Lizzy brought her lab, Ally, with her. Well, Ally did not need to serve as a guard dog that day, but rather a friend for Lizzy. Ally jumped right into Dardan’s lap and Lizzy knew that this guy must be something special! Dardan had Ally’s approval! As their relationship progessed, Lizzy and Dardan added Rosie into their little family. And how special is it that they joined their engagement session! Afterall, Ally was on the first date!

Lizzy and Dardan quickly developed a love of travel and adventure together. They went on a three week long European adventure this past summer and visited Sweden, England, Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro. Dardan was born in Kosovo and his family immigrated to the United States as war refugees. Lizzy is so impressed and proud of his story and his family’s resilience to start their lives over again. Dardan would often travel back to Montenegro and Ulcinji in the summer. During their travels together, Dardan took Lizzy to Ulcinji. One evening, they went to a restaurant on top of the old Ulcinji castle, right on the sea. Little did Lizzy know, Dardan had rented out a secluded part of the restaurant andhad it decorated in candles and flower petals. As the sun was setting over the water, Dardan asked Lizzy to marry him! It is a part of Dardan’s tradition and culture to wear an engagement ring, so he too has a ring!

I love their story, but meeting them in person just tops it all. Indvidually, they are both so sweet, but together, they are strong and amazing. During their session, they were completely lost in one another and I truly feel like their love shows so genuienly in these images. Seriously cannot wait until their wedding day. It’s going be amazing! Enjoy your engagement Lizzy and Dardan and thank you for letting me be a party of your story!

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