Kelly + Jay

Kelly and Jay love visiting BJ Reece Apple Orchard each fall. In fact, it’s one of their favorite fall activities, but more importantly, it’s the spot where Jay decided to ask Kelly to marry him. How sweet is it that we went back to the place that means so much to them?! Their dog, Alfonzo came along for the session too! Because, I mean, hello….they are family too, right? I did my usual intro for Kelly and Jay and explained how being in front the camera might feel strange for the first 15 minutes or so, but they hardly needed any direction! They were so playful with each other and so much fun. When I pulled Kelly aside for portraits, she looked so beautiful and elegant! When I sent the pictures to her planner, she said that Kelly looked like a beautiful Disney princess calling all the baby deer to the orchard. That made me laugh because it’s so true in the best way! You are going to be a STUNNING bride, Kelly! Their big day is in two weeks and I’m so excited about it! Enjoy the rest of your engagement, Kelly and Jay!  

Hair by Brushworx

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