Vilamoura and Lisbon Portugal

When I studied abroad in England for one year I walked away with a lot of things, but the best one of them all was friendship. Life long friendships like the one I share with my British best friend, Natalie.

She did a little traveling of her own and lived in Portugal for a little while. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to 1. See her and 2. Visit Portugal. I had always wanted to go and never made it there while living abroad. Lisbon was a city I especially wanted to cross off my bucket list. 

Natalie lived in a beautiful resort in a town called, Vilamoura. My favorite parts where the cliffs along the ocean. Absolutely stunning views. Natalie and I were our goofy selves while I visited, because she really knows how to bring out the fun side in anyone she meets. She’s a joy to be around and full of so much energy. I was able to meet her boyfriend, Max and see her family again. I also got to do a little photo shoot of Natalie and Max, which was super awesome as a photographer! 

When I left Vilamoura and said I’ll see you later (not good-bye) to Natalie, I traveled to Lisbon by train and to fly to Madrid the next morning to catch a flight to Atlanta. Well, that was my chance to see Lisbon. A whole six hours in the city to do and see anything I wanted to do! Although, I was by myself, my camera and I got along pretty well πŸ˜› and I had a great time seeing the views there as well. 

And yes, this is embarrassing, but this trip happened in early 2014….and I am just now posting it! I have a case of “the photographer” where I do other people’s photos, but not my own πŸ˜› I am working on that. Luckily, Natalie still loves me even though I kept the pictures hostage. I did make her an album for Christmas though! 

Where in the world will I see you next Natalie? Hopefully sometime soon I hope πŸ™‚ 

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