It’s been 10 years since my high school graduation. Yup, Class of ‘08 right here! There’s an area of my photography business that I have been excited to focus more time on and that’s senior photography. And ironically, the class of 2018 was the official start/biggest year of my senior photography services! As I […]

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Class of ’08: The Ten Things I’ve Learned Since High School

This month marks exactly one year that I quit my day job and decided to take on Abby Breaux Photography full time. That’s one whole year in business! This time last year, I wrote a blog post on what taking that leap of faith was like, which can be seen here. It’s a HUGE decision […]

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Being My Own Boss: A Year in Review & Lessons Learned

I wrote a blog two years ago of my adventure with Natalie in Portugal, but we originally met at the University of Plymouth in England. I studied abroad for one year studying photography. Natalie was from Bath and was also in the photography program. Our friendship began at the front line of adventure. Our first outing […]

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Natalie + Max | London to Atlanta



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