Being My Own Boss: A Year in Review & Lessons Learned

This month marks exactly one year that I quit my day job and decided to take on Abby Breaux Photography full time. That’s one whole year in business! This time last year, I wrote a blog post on what taking that leap of faith was like, which can be seen here. It’s a HUGE decision to leave somewhere secure and take on your own business….not knowing how it will all work out.

On the other hand, It’s only been a year and there’s still much to do, but I’m hustling! Transitioning my work day schedule was one of the biggest adjustments by far. Your day can be anything you want it to be! A year later, I must admit, I’m still figuring this out. I’ve learned it’s important to dedicate certain tasks for certain days, such as a marketing day, could always be on a Tuesday. Scheduling out important areas of your business must be dedicated, otherwise they get pushed to the bottom of the “to do” pile and then the business could suffer as a result of that. I have been so grateful for a career that gives me slow mornings and the freedom of scheduling! But, most of all, I’m so grateful for my clients that have invited me to be a part of their story and trusting me to do something that is so important. Being a wedding photographer is not a job that I take lightly. My clients are the reason I could make this passion of mine a part of my life, full time. Bride and grooms, seniors, families…’re simply the best!

Looking back on my previous blog from a year ago feels a little bit like a time capsule. I enjoyed seeing where I was at then compared to now, and I plan to do the same with this blog. So, in a way this feels a bit like a diary and seems pretty personal, but mostly I want this blog to be for someone else too….the dreamers and the go-getters. Whatever it may be, just know that it is possible and YOU are capable!  If you are someone that is sitting at that day job, I want you to know that you CAN do this! So much of my confidence to take on this business came from friends and family, but also from the photographers that I had never even met who told others, like me,  to keep going. Those posts really meant a lot to me, and if you’re someone that needs to hear this, then I hope this reaches you!

“All the stuff we’re so worried about creating and fixated on becoming is already right here, right now. The money you want already exists; the person you want to meet is already alive; the experience you want to have is available, now…You need to go from wanting to change your life to deciding to change your life.” Those are a few lines from the book, You are a Badass, and I highly recommend reading books like this. Before I made the jump, I read The Girl’s Guide to Starting Your Own Business. It’s an oldie, but a goodie! They keep it real. A business coach will do the same. Kristy Dickerson has been my coach during the days before I made the jump, in the process of, and after the jump of becoming a full time photographer. That’s a great investment to yourself and your business because it’s always important to keep learning and to be a student. On the flip side, it’s can also be important to be a teacher and share your gifts with the world, no matter what that looks like. For me, it was teaching photography to middle school students last year. Before making the jump to full time, I also invested in a brand and set up a new website beforehand, which really helped spring things into action as soon as I started full time.

Most importantly, don’t forget to look how at how far you have come! I did this just yesterday as I was feeling overwhelmed while looking ahead at all the things I have to do, yet when I flipped back through my planner and saw all of the things I had done, I was really proud of myself! But, here I was beating myself up about what was yet to be done. Anyone who has completed their first year in business must remember this too! A planner has made all the difference and I think I owe a lot of my success to that little thing! It keeps my days on track, my goals in writing and my dreams big. I use Start Planner and I highly recommend being a part of this community of hustlers. They cheer you on and celebrate in your ups and help you during your down times.

Every journey is different, but I hope you find the motivation you need to make your big jump, whatever that may be! Let your faith be bigger than your fear.

Happy Friday, friends!

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