Heather and Ryan met through a mutual friend at a local gym. They worked out at different times during the week but always crossed paths during the weekend. Ryan asked that mutual friend about Heather got her number and asked her out! When Ryan goes on trips, he always brings something back from […]

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Heather & Ryan’s Arabia Mountain Engagement

Meagan describes the first time she met Ryan as “forever ago” because these two met in 2nd grade! They started dating in high school when Ryan asked her to their junior homecoming dance and they became boyfriend and girlfriend after he officially asked her after a Friday night football game.  He was a football player […]

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Meagan & Ryan’s European Inspired Engagement

Jasmine and Karl originally met in high school, but then Jasmine moved to Florida. Luckily, social media kept them in touch and Jasmine took a leap of faith and told him how she felt! Karl proposed at home in the coziness of their bedroom before their trip to Savannah. They are tying the knot this […]

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Jasmine & Karl’s Flowery Branch Engagement

  Kim and Hamish actually met twice, and it all started with a flower. At least, that’s Kim’s side of the story… In December 2015, both the Nogis (Kim’s family) and the Millers (Hamish’s family) chose to celebrate Christmas in Hawaii. On a beautiful and breezy night in Waikiki, the Nogis were enjoying dinner at the […]

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Kim & Hamish | Engaged! | Ponce City Market and Jackson Street Bridge

  Meredith and Collin both attended the University of South Carolina, but it wouldn’t be until after graduation that these two would finally meet.  Meredith was working her usual shift at a local bar and grill in Columbia when a particular customer caught her attention. She knew Collin as a friend’s friend, who had become […]

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Meredith and Collin’s Piedmont Park Engagement Session



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