Meagan & Ryan’s European Inspired Engagement

Meagan describes the first time she met Ryan as “forever ago” because these two met in 2nd grade! They started dating in high school when Ryan asked her to their junior homecoming dance and they became boyfriend and girlfriend after he officially asked her after a Friday night football game.  He was a football player and she was a cheerleader…I know, so cute! Meagan says she still can’t believe that her homecoming date turned out to be her husband!

Meagan and Ryan took a trip to Europe recently. His family is from Germany so they started their trip there. On their second day, they were touring the city of Fulda, the own where his family lives.  Towards the end of the tour, they approached a church on a hill called Kloster Frauenberg which is one of the oldest churches in Germany. As they went inside and walked down the aisle, Ryan explained that his great-grandparents were married in this church. When they reached the altar, he got down on one knee and asked Meagan to marry him! After their engagement, they had lunch with his family in Germany and continued on to see Munich, Salzburg, Venice, and Florence!

When we began planning their engagement session, Meagan and Ryan revealed that they had a bottle of wine they had bought during the trip and were waiting for a special moment to open it together. A winery with a European vibe became the perfect setting for their engagement photos! They brought that special bottle of wine and decided to open it up and enjoy it during the session! I felt so grateful to be able to capture that moment for them. Can’t wait for their wedding this May!

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