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About The Bride’s Bachelorette Party
Shelby, the bride/my bestie, picked Nashville and I took care of the rest! The Bachelorette party planning started in January 2016 and the date for the party was set for October 2016. The first thing on my mind was booking a place to stay. With the bridesmaids help, we booked a beautiful home in the 12 South neighborhood of Nashville from VRBO (Vacation Rental by Owner). And the house was AH-MAZING!

We had a quiet night in on Friday night once everyone arrived. We ate pizza, shared a drink and the girls opened their goodie bags 🙂 Shelby was so surprised by the T-Shirts I had made, which were designed to resemble her favorite TV show, Friends! Of course, we also had Friends playing on the TV throughout the weekend.

Saturday, we had brunch at the house and walked around Nashville. Our ubers dropped us off in front of the Walk of Fame and journeyed up a pedestrian bride nearby that offered the most beautiful views of the city. We even found a fountain that reminded us of the show, Friends. How perfect! We also grabbed some fun shots in front of an awesome wall that read, Nashville. AND I found a “Shelby Street” sign on the way over!

Of course, we decorated the house in preparation for Shelby’s big night out, had a lingerie party, a photo booth and then dashed off for dinner at Sambuca. Shelby LOVED the restaurant and they even brought her a dessert that said, Congratulations. Next up was our pedal ride with Dan at Nashville Pedal Tavern. We rode the pedal ride around Nashville stopping at bars along the way. Dan was AWESOME and made that pedal ride so enjoyable. After the pedal ride we danced the night away at Honky Tonk Central. We went to one bar beforehand for some live country music. Honky Tonk Central also had a live band and a great variety of music. We didn’t even leave that bar until Shelby was read to go home!

Shelby had a wonderful time and that’s all I wanted, so the party was a success! So thankful for her awesome bridesmaids too for making it happen!

Planning a Bachelorette Party
If you’re someone who is planning a Bachelorette Party or would like to know where I purchased some of the items you see, read on because I have some pointers for you!

Picking a Place:
This is the only thing that I made sure the bride had to think about, because the place where the Bachelorette party takes place depends on many different things….price and distance being the main factor. She will know best what her bridesmaids will be comfortable with and the bride will probably want a say on where the party takes place 🙂

Picking a Date: 
Doodle was an awesome tool for asking 8 girls how their schedules looked. I could easily send out a poll on a few dates to see who was available and who was not.  I started the date search in January and didn’t get one picked until 3 to 4 weeks later. It all worked our perfectly being two weeks before the wedding, but this was one of the hardest parts in planning. So, start your date search far in advance. Also, do your best to get everyone there but, come to the reality that not every single person can make it (even if you start your search 8 months early) and that is OKAY!

After booking a date, the most important thing to do is booking a place to stay. The home I booked is now booked for the next year and a half! I highly highly suggest VRBO, Vacation Rental By Owner. The house had a bed for everyone, had a big common area, and plenty of room to spread out. And having a kitchen allowed us to skip long lines for breakfast and cook at home. Also, the neighborhood of 12 South was safe and only a 5 to 10 minute drive to downtown which was important.

Do research on what you think they bride will want to do while you are there and BOOK it as soon as possible. If you’re in Nashville, be sure to take a picture in front of the Nashville wall located at 625 Main Street Nashville, TN. Such a great backdrop! The pedal ride with Nashville Pedal Tavern was one of the highlights of the trip! I highly suggest booking a private tour so that you can enjoy your own music and private time with your group. Book this no later than 6 weeks out. It will sell out! I also bought lids for our cups which were so great because your ride gets bumpy and your drink will spill all over you!

I read so many great things about Sambuca in Nashville and let me just confirm, that yes, that restaurant is perfect! The sweet potatoes were delish. The Gulch neighborhood in Nashville is the perfect place to eat dinner! I booked dinner reservations 4 weeks in advance.

One word: Etsy! 🙂
Some items that we used, I did not picture. But, they were a hit so I will list them below.
Gold Tattos
Party Straws
BRIDE Ballon
Pedal Ride Banner
Bachelorette Sash
Bachelorette Veil with Bow
Cupcake Toppers
I Regret Nothing Bags

  1. Abbey Treacy says:

    Now that is a Bachelorette party to remember! Love all your photos … all know how to party like a ‘boss’…..

  2. Abby Breaux says:

    Thanks, Abbey!

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