The Rubin Family


This was the first photo shoot for the Rubins as a family of THREE! It’s such a precious thing to watch your best friend’s become parents. Rhode Rubin is about 7 months old and he will ONE on December 31st. Yup, he’s a New Year’s Eve baby!

Zach and Ciara Rubin were a very special part of our wedding  last October, standing with us as a bridesmaid and a groomsman. We have a special friendship with these two as Ciara is one of my best friends and Zach is one of my husbands best friend.  Rhode had about two more months before he would be born but he was also at the wedding!

At that time, we didn’t know his gender and his name had not been revealed yet either.  Ciara brought Rhode into this world through an amazing at home birth experience. On the morning of New Year’s Eve, we received a text revealing his name and gender. It was such an exciting day! P.S. My guess was a boy!

I’ve gained a new little bestie and I love him so much! Can’t wait to see what the future holds fo you, Rubin Family!


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