Meredith and Collin’s Piedmont Park Engagement Session


Meredith and Collin both attended the University of South Carolina, but it wouldn’t be until after graduation that these two would finally meet. 

Meredith was working her usual shift at a local bar and grill in Columbia when a particular customer caught her attention. She knew Collin as a friend’s friend, who had become a regular  and often wore a hat, but that’s all Meredith knew. Determined to get to know the cute boy from the across the room, Meredith decided to introduce herself. On her night off, she set down her liquid encouragement, walked right up to Collin and said “Hi, I’m Meredith.” Collin’s response was, “I know.”

Little did Meredith know, she had caught Collin’s eye as well. From there, they were absolutely inseparable. One month after dating, Meredith landed a job in Atlanta. Collin had plans to move to Greenville and Atlanta wasn’t exactly on his radar. They weren’t sure what was going to happen in the near future for them. However, the first time Collin came to visit Meredith in Atlanta, he fell in love with the city. Six months later, Collin was moving. However, we all believe it’s Meredith he fell more in love with and Collin says he would agree! 

After moving to Atlanta, Collin and Meredith were having a casual Friday date night. They got pizza for dinner and grabbed a drink at a nearby bar. Their apartment has a rooftop with a view of Buckhead so it’s one of their favorite little spots. Collin had been chatting with Meredith about engagement quite a bit, asking questions about how she’d like for it to happen and so on. He continued this chat on top of their roof that night and Meredith told him she’d like it to be intimate, nothing fancy, and just the two of them. Collin, bright eyed and excited says, “Well….how about right now?!”

Meredith thought he was being facetious until he got down on one knee! He pulled out the ring and asked her to marry him! Just the two of them, a quite and intimate moment overlooking the city where they began building their lives together. Meredith said she cried her eyes out for a bit and then said, “YES!” 

Now that these two are wedding planning, I am SO honored to be a part of the process and their story! Collin picked their wedding venue for their ceremony and reception. They love its Southern charm and open feel so that everyone can intimately spend the whole day together. Know what venue it is? Yup, these two are taking me back to my favorite venue and where my husband and I said, I do this past fall, Little River Farms! 

Can’t wait to celebrate these two in February!! 

Congratulations on your engagement, Meredith and Collin! 


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