Will you be my Bridesmaid?

Wedding planning can be a mix of both fun and stress. Asking my best friends to stand beside me during one of the most important day of our lives was hands down one the best parts about wedding planning. Each time I met up with one of my best friends, I was feeling so excited and so nervous! I wanted my bridesmaid proposal with each of them to be special and thoughtful because each of them mean so much to me. 

Each friendship is so unique and special to me that I decided to work that into their proposals. I wanted the item and how I asked to feel significant to our relationship. Of course, my other best friend, Etsy helped me out with that! I’m really not sure what I would do without that site during my best friend’s wedding planning and my own. 

Back in January, I started with my Matron of Honor, Shelby.  Shelby, Brittany and Kat are my Starbucks girls. We have been going to the same Starbucks on Marketplace Blvd. ever since it opened in high school. We’ve shared coffee, laughter, tears, deep talks, small talk, and many hugs there throughout the years. After a day of wedding dress shopping, I took Shelby to Starbucks (the one on Marketplace Blvd of course!) Luckily, Shelby stepped away from the counter, so I discreetly asked the Barista to make Shelby’s drink in the “Will you be my Matron of Honor” Starbucks cup I had ordered from Etsy. Shelby and I waited for our drinks at end of the counter and once it was ready, the Barista called her name and set the cup down with the question facing her. I wish I could have recorded it because her face lit her up with shock! She knew this moment was coming, but to surprise her in the way that I asked was so much fun! I returned a couple of weeks later and did same with Brittany! (Thank you, Starbucks!).  Kat lives in London now, so I had fully prepared to send her proposal overseas in a box. However, I received the opportunity to fly to England and ask her myself at a Starbucks in LONDON!

Natalie, my British bestie from study abroad, still lives in London of course. So, I was able to ask not one but TWO of my best friends in person. As you may know, the English love their cuppa teas. I’ve shared many cups with Natalie throughout the years. She always welcomed me in from a cold rainy day with a nice hot cup of tea and I always make sure I have her English Breakfast tea and milk when she comes to visit me. So, her proposal was a personalized mug from (you guessed it) Etsy! Ciara recently moved to California so I was not able to make it to her in person, but I sent her a mug as well because we’ve shared so many deep conversations about life and spirituality over a cup of tea at her old house in Georgia. 

When a long week is over, David and I love getting dinner and drinks with Melissa, Tyler, and Taylor. In fact, David and I were present for Tyler’s proposal to Melissa, which was at winery. After Tyler popped the question, we had an amazing time together, celebrating and sampling wines. I had found this personalized wine label from Etsy and knew it was perfect for Melissa! 

I knew for a long time that I wanted my niece, Ella Grace, to have a special role in my future wedding day. So, asking her and my big sister, Emily (Ella’s mom) was really exciting for me! I knew that the personalized makeup bags would be something that would feel special and timeless! David came with me on the day I asked Ella to be a junior bridesmaid because David asked my nephew, Aiden, to be a junior groomsman. David was very creative in coming up with his groomsman proposals on his own. It seemed to we had this beverage theme going, unintentionally 🙂 David ordered personalized beer glasses for each of his guys, along with a “Will you be my Groomsman” Beer labels. (Yes, all from Etsy!) David got Aiden a glass bottle of Root Beer (his favorite!). 

If you haven’t popped the question to your bridal party yet, check out the links below of all the items we found on Etsy. Start on Pinterest, make a secret board, and pin the things that speak to you. Once you’ve got a list going, decide what would be best for your favorite people and narrow it down. It’s important to remember that is not about the “stuff” but rather, what the proposal represents.  Make it special and remember to take pictures when you pop the question! This is a once in a lifetime thing 🙂 Have fun!

Hello Beautiful Lotion
Boxes and Ribbon
Flower Girl Hair Ties
Cosmetic Bag
Wine Label
Custom Card
Custom Mug
Starbucks Cup

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