Bachelorette Party in Savannah!

Melissa and Tyler’s wedding is a little more than ONE month away! So, the girls and I headed south to celebrate in Savannah. I found it really helpful to look up ideas online, so I wanted to share some of ours! As a wedding photographer, I’m sure I have some bridal clients that can appreciate this as well. So, if you’re planning a fun girls get away to Savannah any time in near future….read on! And if not, you should because it was a blast 😀 Naturally, we started our road trip with a Starbucks run to make sure that our bride was caffeinated and ready to go!

Let me start off this post with where we stayed. The Brice Hotel in Savannah is AMAZING and the PERFECT stay for a weekend with the girls. Its decor is unique and charming. There were fedora hats lined as decoration at the front door (hello, my favorite style of hat!) as well as a couple of dog bowls (yes, dog friendly hotel!) and red bicycles. It had a very nice European feel to it, which is probably why I liked it so much. Happy hour happened every single evening and began as soon as we arrived the first day, which was really nice to enjoy after the car ride down there. The seating area in the lobby was filled with an old antique type writer, lots of window light, a plush victorian style couch, large modern artwork, shelves upon shelves of books, and french doors that led out onto a beautiful courtyard lined with tea lights.

During happy hour, Nova and I were sneaky and decorated the room with gifts for Melissa to help kick off a great weekend! The gifts were from Francesca’s and it was literally the perfect buy. Melissa loves cats and wine. Francesca’s had it all! In fact, I had a hard time choosing between all of their items. If you need bridal gifts, Francesca’s probably has what you need! 

Our first night there, we went to dinner at Vic’s on the River. I had heard so many great things about this place and I’m glad we went. They even brought out a free dessert for our bride to help us celebrate. We really enjoyed our seafood dinner that night. Too excited to sleep, we went out for a drink at The Tree House Bar. The Tree House is a great place to be on a Thursday night, because Saturday is VERY crowded. We also visited Wet Willies, a frozen drink bar on River Street. We sipped our frozen drinks on a bench overlooking the river. It was delicious and scenic! 

Friday morning kicked off with a Segway tour by Adventure Tours in Motion. I have been to Savannah a couple of times, but never enough time to stay and sightsee. This tour made me realize just how beautiful Savannah really is and I learned so much about its history and cinematic involvement. The tour guide was very knowledgable and the staff was very friendly! Our helmets were decorated so we rode around in these huge headdresses, but people stopped to take pictures with us and later that night, we even had people mention that they saw us out and about. I was Ariel, you could not miss us!  Did you know that Savannah has a street named, Jones Street which was voted one of the most beautiful streets in the world. It was among the first to upgrade from a dirt road (way back when) so when guests came over, the homes on this street were usually kept very clean because no one was tracking dirt in. That’s where the saying, “Keeping up with the Jones’ came from!”

Later that day, we did a slow ride pub crawl with Savannah Slow Ride. A slow ride is pedal powered (by up to 15 people) and is an eco-friendly way to maneuver around the city. We opted for the Pub Crawl Tour which lasted 2 hours. We would ride, hop off to grab a drink, and jump back on! The slow ride has a small bar where you can set your drink down. We played music along the way and threw it back to the 90s and early 2000s with some Spice Girls and NYSNC. Oh yes, it happened and it was great. I would highly recommend the slow ride! The 2 hours went by very fast! After the tour, we hopped off the slow ride and walked to Vinnie Van Go-Go’s, ordered some pizzas, and took it back the room for a girls night in our PJS. 

Saturday morning started with brunch at Clary’s Cafe, which I also highly recommend! My omelette was de-lish! We took an uber to Tybee Island for some beach time, but we also headed back to the hotel and had some pool time as well. And again, reason #425 why The Brice Hotel is amazing! The pool is secluded from the street sheltered by beautiful southern oak trees and Spanish moss over a brick wall and pool chairs that were more like fancy lounging chairs fit for a celebrity! 

Saturday night was Melissa’s big night out! Once again, we decorated the room with her Bachelorette goodies and then decorated the bride to make sure she was ready to go! Michaela and Amanda used the ironing board in the room as a bar, which I thought was such a great idea! We dined at Jazz’d Tapas Bar, which was a great place to start. Although, the portions are A LOT bigger than you’d expect for a tapas bar, so don’t go crazy like we did! We sent one of our desserts to the bachelorette party next to us. So. Much. Food. But, it tasted great! 

Our Saturday night bar visits were a lot like Thursday night’s visits. Although, it was much more crowded on Saturday. Night and day difference. We did check out the Club One, Drag Show, which was quite the experience! Definitely recommend the jello shots while you’re there. They were yummy! And you can’t leave Savannah without getting your bride up on stage. Savannah Smiles Dueling Pianos was just the place for that! A fun and upbeat piano bar, where we watched Melissa dance on stage!  

Sunday morning, on our way out, we drove by Wormsloe. It’s definitely worth the visit. Its a breathtaking and picturesque avenue draping in live oaks and Spanish moss leading to the colonial estate of Noble Jones. You may recognize this from movies. 

If you couldn’t tell, we had a blast! Savannah was a great place for a Bachelorette party! And maybe this post will help other bridesmaids to plan the perfect trip too! Now I’m off to plan my next Bachelorette Party…..See you in October, Nashville!

Photography in this blog post is a mix of cell phone and DSLR photography by Abby Breaux

  1. Sheryl Cruise says:

    Thank you for sharing! The Brice Hotel is also what I have in mind as the place to stay for my sister’s bachelorette party. So glad I came across your post while looking for bachelorette party ideas in Savannah for my baby sister who is getting married early next year. This is really helpful as well as this other article I came across. Can’t wait to party in Savannah with my girls soon. Thanks again!

  2. Nicholla Spence says:

    Gorgeous photos! Sharing for Savannah Bachelorette party ideas.

  3. Don Davies says:

    My sister had a Savannah Bachelorette party recently at a hotel in there that we found on and it was really awesome! Thanks to sites like this, planning such events are just easy as 1, 2, 3 !

  4. Don Davies says:

    Beautiful blog and pictures! Well my Girl will definitely love this blog! She’s already on her final stages of planning her Savannah Bachelorette party already! Thanks to blogs like yours and sites like , she was able to get information on hotels, sites, and even great bars to visit there!

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