Davis and Charlie’s Firefighter Birthday Party!

If there were a picture next to “the cutest family ever” I’m pretty sure it would be Leslie, Dusty, their two boys, Davis and Charlie and their gorgeous picket fence house! 

Leslie and her husband threw the best firefighter themed birthday party for their boys who just turned four and one. They even had the Roswell Fire Department bring a fire truck out to visit them! And aren’t the details of the firefighter themed dessert/drink table amazing?! I especially loved the photo wall with their favorite polaroids of the boys. Davis reminded me of my nephew Aiden, who is almost 12 now. Aiden had the sweetest little voice just like Davis (they grow up too fast!) Davis is very sweet, spent time by his mom’s side asking questions about the firetruck and playing soccer with his friends. and Charlie’s cheeks?! The cutest. You’ll see what I mean when you scroll down. Little boys are the best aren’t they? 

It was easy to see how LOVED these two boys are. I enjoyed the excitement in Leslie and Dusty’s expressions throughout the day. They did nothing but make sure that Davis and Charlie had the best time! And the boys really did enjoy themselves! Even through the tears of the Happy Birthday song 😛 Well, I’m sure they will appreciate the photos when they are older and have a laugh about it with Mom and Dad! 

Happy Birthday Davis and Charlie! 

  1. Leslie Walker says:

    I really couldn’t love these more 🙂 Thanks so much Abby!!!

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